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NAG is a registered charity No. 1028658

NAG is funded by Norwich City Council

Poet’s Corner



by our friends at Dereham & District Access Group

(written to celebrate over 25 years of achievement)

Disabled people thought it wrong

To wait out on the street too long

And grapple with the heavy doors

And kerbs and steps to higher floors

But now they think it’s quite fantastic

To find some doors are automatic

Ramps and lifts are often there

For those who travel by wheelchair.

And in the streets things still improve

To help to keep us on the move

Dropped kerbs, and humps – a parking space

Things really have come on a-pace !

And tactile paving you will find

To help the progress of the blind

And pushchair Mums and old folk too

Are just as pleased as me and you.

Police and Highways are those who

We need to be so grateful to,

Along with Councillors and more

Who found us knocking on their door.

There’s lots who’ve helped us with Access

Not least of all, the Local Press

The deaf, the blind, the wheelchair users

They do not want to be the losers.

So help us on our upward fight

To do what’s only just and right.


a wheelchair

doesn't travel far

in the rain

the way the old bike did

in the Scottish blizzards

Joy McCall